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Three things to ask your hair designer

A conversation worth having!!

  • Do you normally work with hair for weddings?

Let’s be real. Your normal hair stylist may or may not do weddings regularly. And maybe they’re just being nice and telling you they can do yours. But maybe they actually DO weddings on the reg! (SCORE!) The bottom line is, an artist who does weddings all the dang time will know what lasts, photographs well and is actually a reasonable expectation (And bonus: shouldn’t take them a zillion hours to complete since they’re well versed in the tricks of how to do your perfect locks). You want to be fab ALL day… and not spend all day on it.

  • Should I prep my hair in any certain way in the months leading up to my wedding?

Once you’ve narrowed down how you want your hair to look, your stylist may have suggestions on how to get it trimmed, color dimension, framing pieces, extensions, shampoos or conditioners to use (or STOP using for that matter), etc. Make a game plan together and then actually follow it. Don’t show up on your wedding day with your hair home-kit highlighted, dry and brittle and expect to look like a hair model. If there’s EVER a time to spend some coin on your locks.. It’s NOW! Be realistic with your expectations going into your preview and ask for feedback. While it’s your stylists job to deliver as closely as possible, it is absolutely a collaborative process and you may have some “homework” after.

  • How do you want my hair on my actual wedding day?

You’ve worked together to create the perfect vision for your gorg locks and you’ve put in the work to make sure they’ve been well cared for up to now. But long gone are the days of “dirty hair is best”.  Your stylist should be the sole influencer at this point to let you know how they need you to come with your hair for your day. Maybe they did a blowout for your rehearsal dinner the night before and want you to not touch it after. Maybe it’s had quite a bit of heat styling on it already and they don’t need to curl prep for your specific style on the wedding day. Or maybe you flat ironed it the day before and it needs to be curled on the wedding day. (You’re going to need freshly cleaned locks for that.) Some stylists prefer that their brides arrive with clean and UN-conditioned hair. Some prefer it prepped with a little mousse and then dried. The moral of this story is: Ask your stylist and then follow those directions to a tee, Babe!  (And don’t let your squad show up with week old, massively heat styled, dry shampoo-layered…and layered…and layered hair. 1- That’s gross. 2- There’s probably not a whole lot the stylist team can then do with it. 3- The end game then just becomes “try not to make it look like you just got done swimming…)

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