Four things your bridesmaids hate to get as gifts

Four things your bridesmaids hate to get as gifts

We all know that taking part in a wedding can be a huge ask. And you’re the BEST bride, right? So you want to gift your best friends something they’ll love and that they’ll remember you and this time spent for your wedding every time they see/use it. It’s super easy to get roped into a mindset though of gifting for the sake of gifting. We’ve all been there! Here are some things that when polled, bridesmaids say they hate getting:

  • “Bridesmaid” or personalized coffee mugs, cups, etc. If they’ve been in any weddings before, chances are they have them already… or HAD them… and now the nearest thrift store is collecting them.
  • Cosmetic and/or tote bags. If they are older than 14 or so, they probably have a million already from cosmetic counter giveaways, sale racks at the department stores, birthday gifts, etc. and it’s something that will just take up space in a drawer or on the back of a doorknob.
  • Floral robes. Sure! They had their day and were super cute. But if they’ve been in a wedding, shopped online or had a mom/aunt/etc. give them a random gift in the last 5 years, they probably have 4 or 5 hanging on the back of their bathroom door. Opt for a new style of robe for your maids or even cute, matching pj’s for that iconic “bridal party prep” pic!
  • Dollar store trinkety items that just take up space in the gift bag. We all have too much junk as it is. Don’t fill space just for the sake of filling space. They can buy their own candy, ring holders and picture frames. 

Need some useful gift ideas that they will love and be super grateful for?

  • Pay for part or all of their bridesmaid dress! Those babies are not cheap! And if they’ve been in weddings before, they’ve probably got a closet full of them too. Be generous and intentional with your dollars here. You want to have them not dread the frock you’ve picked!
  • Gifting them professional hair and/or makeup on the wedding day! After all, they’re going to be in your pictures also and you want them to feel gorgeous and ready too.
  • Purchasing a pedicure together! Not only will they LOVE it, but you get to spend some time together! Win-win!
  • Bridal party that loves vino? Get your fav bottle for them. A sure-fire crowd pleaser! (forego the glass… they no doubt have plenty)

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