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Five things to stop doing with your beauty routine

Quenching your thirst for knowledge on your beauty routine!

1. STOP using “whatever you had in the bathroom” to wash your face. If you are older than 10 years old, you need to start investing in good skin care. Yes. This means you cannot just use some store-brand of a citrus scented morning cleanser, something your friend left at your place, or heaven forbid… body wash/bar soap while you’re in the shower and call it good. Cheap soap can actually cause you to be dry, break the barrier of your skin and cause it to go crazy, leave a layer of who-knows-what’s-in-it film or strip your skin of necessary nutrients and moisture. Invest in an appointment with a local, highly recommended and reviewed esthetician who can walk you through exactly what your skin is crying out for. Spend some $ now. You’ll thank yourself from here on out!

2. STOP thinking that you shouldn’t moisturize because you have oily skin. In most cases, skin starts to produce more oil when it’s dry, because it’s “thirsty”.  At the end of your day, remove your makeup/residue, Cleanse and exfoliate, then moisturize moisturize moisturize!

3. STOP thinking that you should use the same moisturizer at night and in the morning. Your moisturizer in the AM should contain SPF in it to help protect your face from the damage of the sun. It should also be a lighter formulation than what you would use at night since you’ll be using it under your makeup. Use your nighttime moisturizer as an extra heavy drink for your face. Nighttime moisturizers don’t usually contain any spf and are typically thicker and more oil-based so your skin drinks it in all night long. In the morning, cleanse your face lightly and then apply your daytime/spf moisturizer. Let it sit for a few minutes before you begin applying your makeup so it has time to really sink in. 

4. STOP over-saturating your face with highlighter. While a glow is always dreamy and makeup artists are definitely fans of that all-over radiance, holographically “glazed” faces can be excessive and sometimes distracting from the important things you have to say and want people to pay attention to. Opt for a radiant powder or finely milled highlighter and apply it only to your upper cheekbones for the workday. (Say no to face glitter for the weekday! Unless you happen to be a Disney princess or something freaking cool like that…)

5. STOP using dirty brushes! Yep. We just called you out. Your personal makeup brushes house SO much bacteria it’s actually gross. And let’s be honest. Lots of people have NEVER cleansed their personal brushes. Clean brushes not only keep you squeaky clean, but you will get a better makeup application in and of itself from them. So that foundation brush that is splayed out with months of liquid built up in it? CLEAN THAT BABY! We love the SIGMA Sigmagic Brushampoo. It’s so gentle on your bristles, is insanely effective and is 100% natural. 

*BONUS* STOP thinking that you have to over-complicate your beauty routine. Do what works for YOU. You may love spending 40 minutes doing your makeup every day. That’s great! You may only spend 5-10 minutes. That’s fantastic too! Do what you LOVE to see on you and in the time you have. Keep in mind that beautiful makeup applications (no matter the depth or drama levels) all begin with great skin. You want YOU to be the center of someone’s focus- not your winged liner, right? After all, your personality is what makes you beautiful.

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