Three things to ask your wedding makeup artist

Three things to ask your wedding makeup artist
  • What types of makeup applications are you normally booked for?

You want to make sure that the artist you are booking for your wedding day DOES wedding makeup regularly. Wedding makeup application can be VERY different from the applications needed for commercial shoots, social media video “tutorials”, proms or even just “pretty street makeup”. Make sure they are comfortable with the elements in your marriage city (eg. If you are getting married where it is very cold, you want to make sure they have things that won’t freeze up: If you’re getting married on the beach, you will need makeup that lasts through humidity and ocean spray). 

  • How should I prep my skin for you in the months leading up to my wedding day?

Beautiful makeup can only do so much. You need a great canvas to put it on to get the best result! Work hand in hand with your artist (and maybe a fab esthetician!) to make sure you are putting in the work beforehand so your skin is soft, hydrated and glows. They may have specific products or suggestions for you after doing your trial appointment. Take it all in, write it down, then, DO. THE. WORK, babe! You will thank yourself later!

  • What lippie shade should I get for a touch up?

Listen, Babes. Lips that have disappeared in photos aren’t cute. Whether it’s a specific shade of lipstick, a hydrating gloss or creme pencil, GO BUY IT! And then put a specific bridesmaid in charge of keeping an eye on your pout that day- Give her full authority to tell you to take a minute and reapply (after all, that’s really what bridesmaids are for… they’re supposed to be helpers!). It’s the worst getting your pics back to realize your lips look non-existent in the formal photos from your day. Plump that pout, sister!

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