What should you really have in your wedding day beauty emergency kit?

What should you really have in your wedding day beauty emergency kit?

You should absolutely have a wedding day emergency beauty kit – even if you’re having a pro makeup artist/hairstylist making you dreamy! The plan is never for failure of your hair or makeup. It’s for in CASE of an unforeseen emergency. And so we shall adopt the mantra of “always be ready”… White Carpet Ready that is!

Must Haves:

  • Loose, translucent setting powder: Drugstore junkie? Reach for the AirSpun powder by Coty. Need that extra luxury for your day? Laura Mercier is a pro makeup artist cult fav.
  • Sponge to apply touchup powder: Yep! A sponge. Not a brush! You’re going to take the sponge, dip in the powder, press it into your oily spots lightly and then softly brush away the excess. Pro insider tip: Too many swiping motions from a brush can actually polish loose powders that are finely milled in a diamond pattern and cause flashback (white areas) on your face in your photos. They will reflect the light in a not-so-great way. 
  • Clear mascara: This can be used for all kinds of things! Stray eyebrows that won’t stay put, flyaways or baby hairs that you need to make obey, a layer of protection over your lashes that provides extra, tear- barrier insurance or even making a flower girl feel glamorous without looking like she’s in a pageant at your wedding. 
  • Lip color: Believe it or not, you’re probably going to be kissing your partner that day. (Crazy, right?!) Whether you’re rocking a bold shade or keeping it light and natural- think about your lips! They’re literally going to be in all your photos haha. There’s nothing worse than dry lips, lips that have gone all over your face, or lips that have just disappeared in general. And for all that is sacred, PLEASE do not use chapstick! It can cause a gray cast over your lips in photos. Stick with a creme lipstick, non-sticky lip gloss or even an all-over lip liner for touch ups in the shade you and your artist decided on at your preview appointment. Pro tip: Ask your MUA to write down the shade(s) they use on a card so you can go grab that exact thing and there’s no guesswork of color matching at the store.
  • Setting spray: Your MUA has most likely already set your face with some, but it never hurts to have a little extra just in case. Pro cult fave? Skindinavia Bridal Setting spray (featured in Box 1). It’s a MUST have for every kit- personal AND pro!
  • Recycled Napkin: No. Not just one that you dug out of the trash can. You know what we mean- those brown ones that you pick up at your fave coffee shop and now have a plethora of in your center console (just us? Oh. Ok. Well.. pick a couple extra up next time you grab your morning joe). These babies are PERFECT for absorbing sweat or oil without taking off too much makeup! Simply press on the area and, voila! Shine/moisture be gone. If you prefer something more compact, blotting sheets can be found within most makeup departments.
  • Hairspray: Just a travel sized bottle will be the right amount. We suggest sticking with one that isn’t a “cement hold”, like the R+Co Viscous firm hold spray (featured in Box 1). This will allow you to tame those pesky flyaways again after your photo sesh so everything is perfect (but NOT crunchy!) before the ceremony. 
  • Razor: A mini one like the SPHYNX travel razor is divine (seen in Box 10)! Pop that puppy in your bag in case of an “oh no, I missed a spot” moment. It literally has everything you need on the fly IN the container! (Yep. You read that right.) Refillable water reservoir compartment, shave bar and razor (two different blades if we’re being exact!). Uhhh.. can we say, PERFECTION?!
  • Toothbrush/mints: There’s nothing more un-classy than chewing gum in photos because your breath is wretched and you forgot your toothbrush. The Quip toothbrush (featured in Box 5) is so incredibly perfect for you to pop in your bag and do a quick scrub before you head out for your first look. It’s electric, portable and oh so pretty too! We also like to keep mints in our pro kits for an on the spot boost.
  • Bobby pins: Just a few in each color so that all your party is covered in case. While pro stylists typically buy them in bulk, you won’t need that many. In small amounts, the ones you can pick up at your local supermarket (usually Goody brand) will be just fine. You shouldn’t need them for structure (Your stylist has already done that part!), just for an occasional little piece that won’t stay put.

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