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Wedding Guide: Part One

Guiding you with knowledge for your locks, skin and wellness!

The journey to the White Carpet is time-consuming and full of choices. We are here to take figuring out your bridal beauty off your plate. Here are a few quick pointers from your expert friends at White Carpet Ready. 

  • Begin a skincare regimen. 
    • Make sure you are exfoliating – but not too much! We suggest a chemical exfoliant vs. a physical (it can cause microtears in the skin and unless done under supervision of a qualified skincare professional could do more harm than good!). We love Sonia Roselli’s Sexapeel! Once or twice a week should do it. 
    • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. We know it sounds counterproductive to you oily girls out there but we PROMISE that no one’s skin can ever be too hydrated. 
  • We’ll give you the key to great LOCKS. Of hair, that is. 
    • Using quality shampoos can totally change your life! Ok, maybe it’s not quite so dramatic, but great shampoos will protect your color, enhance your shine and keep your frizz under control. R+CO Gemstone Shampoo is our fave!
    • In case you didn’t get the message earlier, moisture is KEY! Condition those locks, girlfriend. Your hair will thank you. 
    • Sometimes heat is a necessity. Especially during all the engagement parties, photos, showers, bachelorette parties, and OF COURSE, your big day! Treat it nicely with high quality tools and products that nourish your hair AND make it behave! 
    • How’s the saying go? “Happy wife, happy life?” You may not quite be a wife yet but that doesn’t mean this little nugget should be ignored! 
    • Treat yourself! Wind down after a busy day of work, planning, prep and LIFE. It’s a lot and you deserve it, sister. 
    • Our favorite way to relax? Light a candle (we love our featured Vim + Vigor candles), enjoy a warm bath and journal your thoughts!
  • Wellness
    • We admit, we’re no doctors. One thing we DO know is that water does a body good. Drink up, babe! (If you’re feeling a little “extra” the VitaJuwel energy infused water is DIVINE). 
    • Can’t forget those vitamins either! HUM Nutrition’s White Red Carpet vitamins will get you glowing from the inside out. 

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