Wedding Guide: Part Two

Wedding Guide: Part Two

Let’s be honest…we live in a world that is NOISY when it comes to prepping for your wedding. Our goal is to help you cut through that noise and (quite literally!) deliver a decision. Your wedding is full of choices to be made – we take great pride in our professional background to bring you insight on self-care, haircare, skincare, and overall wellness. White Carpet Ready will be the easiest decision you’ve ever made (besides saying YES, of course!).

  • Protection is everything. From the sun we mean! Choose a moisturizer or foundation that has an SPF in it for the daily. Going to be outside quite a bit for a day date with your hottie? Reapplying every two hours with a topical sunscreen spray OVER your makeup (yes. We just said you could apply it over your makeup) will save your baby blues from wrinkles. We actually love the Neutrogena sunscreen line.
  • Day at the pool or beach? Choose a suit that is strapless so you avoid tan lines your makeup artists may have to try and color correct. And ALWAYS use at least SPF 35, reapplying every 2 hours. Crispy skin isn’t cute.
  • Want to have the brightest smile for your day? While the over the counter whitening strips can be great for some, we highly recommend visiting your friendly DDS and asking for a custom whitening treatment. Your results will likely last longer and they can give you a maintenance plan that is curated to your level of whitening.  
  • How to choose that perfect Nude Lip Color:

First, do you have cool or warm undertones? To find out, follow these steps. Take a look at your closet. What color do you feel looks best on you? Jewel tones tend to be cooler while earth tones are warmer. Look at your wrist. Those veins you see – are they blue or green? Blue = cool, green = warm. Then, using those undertones to guide you, go one to two shades darker than your natural lip color to start. Second, Do you have naturally (or a little help from your friendly esthetician) plump lips? If so, you can rock a matte finish. Do your lips tend to stay dry, leaving you reaching for the chapstick You’d probably do best with a lip liner paired with a hydrating lip gloss that will be easy to touch up with all day long. PRO TIP: Avoid chapstick on your wedding day as it can leave a gray cast on your lips when photographed. 

Babe, you deserve the best and it’s here! Each box is delivered with a card for recommendations, insight and suggestions while using the products you receive. It’s an honor to stand by you all the way down the white carpet!

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