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Box Feature: 10 – Oh So Smooth

Dry, scaly skin is never cute – no matter the season. WCR curated the Oh So Smooth box to end that once and for all. Here’s a little taste of the Oh So Smooth box. Two of our favorite smoothing products are included in the box.

First up, Sonia Roselli SexAPeel. This will most certainly become a staple in your beauty routine. Spray the gorgeous Korean formula with AHAs and wait for your dead skin cells to roll right off (Pro tip: spray before your shower and allow it to stay on a few minutes before rinsing in the shower.)

Our other favorite? Sphynx All-In-One razor. You are going to LOVE THIS! We love the portability and ease of use to not only spot shave for an “oops, missed a spot!” situation but also traveling. Pop this cutie in your carry on for your bachelorette, honeymoon or other destination travel!

We have included our fabulous hair ties as a reminder to pull that hair up and get to enjoying your perfectly, baby soft skin for all of our events!

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Dear Winter Bride

We can’t be the only ones feeling like Punxsutawney Phil lied to us last week, right? Holy moly, we feel it, sister.

This winter is never. ending!

Let us guide you through the rest of the season so you’ll feel like Spring is just around the corner.

  • Shed that dry winter dullness with Sonia Roselli SexAPeel (featured in Box 12) – use it from head to toe to slough off that dead skin with AHA’s to feel smooth and sexy and ready for all your pre-wedding events.
  • Static is the bane of our existence. Let’s face it, winter weather tends to dry out our locks. Besides slathering on the conditioner and call the creams, we like to use VereTies (featured in our Luxe of Love box) to put our strands up and away from our faces without worrying about any creasing!
  • Kissable lips are a must have of every season. Keep the moisture locked in with Hanalei lip treatment from Box Five! They have several tints available and all are GORG.
  • Dreaming of an island getaway? Same. While that may not be on the table right now, fake a “just back from the beach” glow. St Tropez self tanner will give you just that – and faster than a trip to the islands. Oh, and if you are heading out of town to avoid the winter blues – the perfect box for your getaway must be everything in Box Three!

Babe, we got you all year long.

Subscribe to start a dedicated routine with products dedicated and focused on your wedding timeline.

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HUM Red Carpet Vitamins

It is essential that the best way to prep for your WHITE CARPET moment, is to wear the armor and be protected with our FAV – HUM RED CARPET® vitamins. Featured in Box Two, Writefully Replenished, this formula would support and stimulate a healthy regimen with glowing skin and moisture-rich hair.

Providing natural beauty starts from within and with Red Carpet as part of your daily routine, you too can feel White Carpet Ready!

Added bonuses of preventing heart disease with healthy Omega-3 acids and the perfect balance of GLA, ALA and Vitamin E (naturally sourced) to prevent premature aging, bolster shiny hair and a smoother, clearer complexion.

Stress is at an all time high in the last few months of engagement, so it is time to take your inner health seriously – GET BOX TWO NOW! This will be one product that you will want to keep reordering!

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Night Before your Wedding Tips

Your wedding is coming up, babe. Before you know it, you’ll be heading to bed only to become a MRS. the next day! What should you do? Well lucky for you, if you’ve been subscribing to White Carpet Ready you’re almost there. If not, well, have no fear. We’re still here to help you prep for the big day! Here are our top 5 tips for the night before your wedding.

1. Hydrate! Break out that VitaJuwel Via water bottle from Box Two for some good vibes and ensure your skin and body don’t hate you from that champagne at your rehearsal dinner!

2. On a similar note, you’ll want to give your skin a little extra loving the night before your wedding day. A hydrating mask will do wonders in perking up your skin in preparation for that perfect bridal makeup application!

3. Make sure your hair is ready to go! If you have a fresh blowout for your rehearsal and you’re a lucky lady that doesn’t get oily in a day, use a creaseless hair tie (we love the Vere ties featured in Box Nine!) and a silk pillowcase to keep frizz under control. Otherwise, we suggest you wash and dry your hair the night before (or morning of) to give your stylist a fresh canvas to do their thing!

4. If you have any wayward breakouts (hello stress!) make sure to spot treat the night before to reduce swelling. We love the Patchology Breakout Box – it works wonders on those pesky blemishes and you will love it in Box One!

5. Clean that bling of yours. Your band is going to be gleaming from sitting in the ring box all this time so make sure your engagement ring has that same shine. If you haven’t had the time to take it to the jeweler, using an at home jewelry cleaner is totally fine! Our fave? The Connoisseur Diamond Dazzle Stik – you’ll know how great it is when you open up Box One!

BONUS: Remember to savor these last few hours of your engagement and wedding processes before becoming a MRS. It happens so quickly, you’ll want to soak it in for those lasting memories with your fiance, your ‘maids and all the other special people joining in the celebration!

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Box Feature: 12 – All Eyes on You

One of the things we hear most as working bridal artists is, “I don’t know how to do my eyes.” This sparked something deep inside us and led us to creating Box 12 – All Eyes on You. We knew we had to use our go-to’s and trusted products from Sigma, Elizabeth Mott, RealHer, and Madame Madeline for this box. We want you to be comfortable creating your look – whether it be on the daily or for all the special events leading up to your big day.

We sought out a consumer friendly, high quality, and most importantly, user-friendly palette that is universally flattering to all eye colors and skin tones. Everything you will need to create a full eye look is included in this month’s box. You’ll have a primer to properly prep your lid space for a long wearing and beautifully pigmented application and liner, mascara, and lashes to finish your look. Whether you prefer natural or full glam, you’ll find these products perfect for everything in between.

If you get stuck, don’t forget that with your subscription you also have full access to an online community supported by professionals who will guide you through it!

Those eyes are shining just as bright as that ring and we think Box Twelve is the perfect way to start your engagement.

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Prep your hair for your wedding day

First things first, clean and dry is the best starting point for 99% of wedding day hairstyles. We’ve all heard the “dirty is best” (and TBH we cringe time a bride or ‘maid sits down with days old hair that will quite literally do NOTHING from being overworked, overheated and having overly used-product – looking at your dry shampoo!) and while dirty(ish) may work for some people, it’s best to leave it to the pros to “dirty” it up with their own cocktail of products for your special ‘do.

After washing and before drying your hair, prep your hair with products that pinpoint your particular needs. Hair doesn’t hold curl? Need volume? Use a volumizing mousse and blow dry into the roots. Frizz is your problem? A little of your favorite serum or leave in conditioner can go a long way! It is best to establish a game plan with your hair professional.

When you blow dry your hair it’s ok to do the usual, flip upside down and swing side to side, but before you get all the way dry, make sure to direct the nozzle down the hair shaft so that the air is heading from root to end so you get a smooth, shiny finish instead of a fuzzy, dull look.

If you decide to prep your hair the night before, we suggest doing a loose braid with a creaseless hairtie and sleeping on a silk pillowcase to reduce any tension/friction on your locks! (BONUS: no crazy sheet lines on your face either!)

Make sure to have all your hair accessories ready the night before. There are more important things to worry about than a missing hairpiece or runaway veil on the morning of your wedding!

Sit back, relax and let your trusted pro take it from here. 

And, make sure to subscribe for our pro’s suggested love for your locks in Boxes One, Six and Nine!

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Sonia Roselli SexApeel

Time to unveil our Featured Product: Sonia Roselli’s SexApeel!

Featured in Box Ten, SexApeel exfoliation spray is hands down one of the best ways to dramatically get that baby soft skin! Gently mist, massage with your fingertips and watch that layer of dead skin peel away! This gentle product can be used all over your body, including your face for that true Bridal glow!

You’re smart enough to know that makeup never looks good on dead, flaky skin.

Great makeup application begins with a beautifully prepared canvas! Why not indulge in an instant exfoliant!

Insider Tip: Use it before your self tanner and on the bottom of your feet!

WCR Pro Tip: Spray on before your shower and lightly rub all over for insanely soft skin!

Delivered to your doorstep, you’ll be glad this baby is waiting for you!

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2020: Classic Blue for the Classic Bride

We’ve all seen this year’s Pantone Color of the Year and can we just say, we are giddy over it?! Classic Blue is just that – Classic! It looks dreamy on every skin tone and can be styled as traditional, modern, bright or dark and moody very easily. If you’ve chosen this gorg color for your wedding color story, our suggestion is to keep your hair and makeup classic as well. Let yourself be the focus- not your eyeshadow. Steer more toward neutral tones rather than bright hues or overly-glittery glam. Make sure your color story flows for your entire bridal party as well so you’ll all compliment each other in photos!

Down styles are all the rage for bridesmaid hair and we are here. for. it., babe. Soft curls and side-swept goodness speak volumes into the classic and delicate story. Play up a “one side pulled back” style for you and/or your bridesmaids with a fun headpiece (bonus: Include a pop of your classic blue in the stones!) for an extra glam look.

Need help? We’ve got you covered with the White Carpet Ready Box! We’ll give you inspo, access to hair and makeup artist advice, the perfect neutral shadow palettes, tools, skin care/prep,  hair prep, wellness, and ALL the things you need. 

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Educating you down the White Carpet: Wedding Photography

At White Carpet Ready, we value education. Not only in the products we have curated for the subscriptions each month, but for your wedding itself! The best way to bring that advice is to lay the right foundation and bring in our trusted wedding professional partners for a Q&A. 

This month we are featuring insight on Wedding Photography. Here are some things to think about as you capture the right photographer for your big day!

  1. What is more important than style when selecting a photographer?  
    • Personality!  Make sure that you click with your photographer.  You will spend a lot of time with them and feeling comfortable around them is so important!
  2. What types of photos are the most unique to capture?
    • The real moments that are completely authentic to each wedding are the ones that don’t come from a shot list.  They come from a couple being truly present on their wedding day.
  3. Wedding Photographer must haves : what should be on THE LIST! 
    • Trust!  By the day of the wedding you should delete your Pinterest boards and burn the shot list.  By now you should have had many conversations with your photographer about the timeline of the day and what you as the bride expect from them.  Plan in advance and then trust your photographer to execute your vision.  Let go, be a part of your own day, and TRUST your photographer to capture the rest.
  4. What are the biggest “I wish” moments that couples express after the wedding is over?
    • I wish I would have had more time with guests is a big one I hear often!  Work with your planner and your photographer to create a wedding timeline that gives you time to relax, visit with your guests, and kick up your heels and dance!
  5. How can I practice posing beforehand?
    • Make sure and do an engagement session with your wedding photographer if possible!  Also if you are nervous about posing choose a photographer who is very comfortable giving direction during the photos.  Clear directions will help you look flattered in the photos and will help you feel more comfortable while the photos are being taken.  After the engagement session talk candidly with your photographer about images that you both loved and didn’t love!  It will help them know how to help you best on your wedding day.  
  6. Engagement photos – professional EVERYTHING or nah – all natural?
    • Whatever will make you feel more comfortable in photos is a definite must!  Getting your H&MU done in advance can help add a boost of confidence and help you relax and focus on having fun!
  7. Behind the scenes – give us the deets : are there anything brides can prepare for ahead of time? 
    • Definitely see a full gallery of wedding images from any photographer you are considering hiring.  Portfolio images don’t give you a full taste of what to expect from the entire day. 

There are variety of options and ideas when it comes to Wedding Photographers and style! Take your time, but not too much, photographers are one of the first selections made after the engagement!

A very special THANK YOU to Deanna Johnson of A Day to Adore Photography in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Knocking on your door!

With the creation of White Carpet Ready, it came upon a midnight clear … literally. Wedding industry friends gathered to celebrate the holidays and of course, like all small business owners do – we sipped on cocktails and reminisced on the year behind us filled with many gorgeous couples starting their journey together.  BUT, one thing kept missing, being prepared became a thing of Christmas pasts! 

The world as we knew it was moving all too fast for our brides to get educated on self care during the wedding planning process to enhance their “last all day” jaw-dropping look. 

Bride after bride would inform us that every corner she would turn, more unclear information clouded her vision to take care of HER and we knew that noise could be avoided with going to the market with a disruptor!!

Thus, White Carpet Ready was born. Quite literally, we just wanted a bride to be ready for her wedding day and everything in between when it came to beauty and wellness. We wanted to make it simple. Something that you don’t have to peruse through, drive to, think too hard about, look through aisles for, educates you and supplies you with exactly what you need, when you need it: And all right to your door! 

We thought long and hard about which products we use and recommend to brides on a weekly basis as working professionals in the industry. Some would make the cut for us to pursue as brand partners in this…others wouldn’t. In the course of a year, things started to take shape. Companies we LOVE (and stock regularly in our own pro kits)  started to realize the immense need for this to exist and jumped on board for this journey. But with these amazing boxes full of professionally selected products, we knew the other, very real need was for brides to know HOW and WHERE to use them! Cosmetics and skin care have become so incredibly complex in the last 10+years (And thankfully so!) and it can be confusing. There are many, many ways you can use one single product. But because there are so many ways to use things, it would be quite impossible to have the cosmetic companies give detailed instructions on just how YOU should be using it. We wanted to help solve a little of that by giving each of our subscribing brides access to US – actual, working, PROFESSIONAL hair and makeup artists! We want to help guide you through your questions, give you tips and tricks that we use on a weekly basis, give inspo for your looks, and the list goes on and on and on.

This isn’t any standard subscription box. These are boxes full of carefully curated items, for where you are in the months-out from your wedding, with access to education so YOU can be the best advocate for you on your day. 

As products have been delivered and we have hand-packed each box with care and love, we swell with pride for each of our brides that have chosen to put themselves first in the wedding prep process. The time you have saved yourself from at the department and box stores, watching endless tutorials from people who may or may not have anything that’s helpful for you, figuring out they didn’t actually work and now have to return, etc. has now enabled you to take a breath. You’re covered. We’ve got you. You now have time to be present during that yoga sesh. You can hydrate yourself with your gorgeous new water bottle while planning your seating chart. Your relaxation time can be intentional, because you’ve been intentional NOW. The pressure is off. You’re going to be READY.  And that makes our hearts happy.