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You are her 'beauty, wellness, creative, shoulder to lean on' person!

And, you can let her in on the biggest secret of all…it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Staggering your beauty and health prep is essential for a stress-free experience. White Carpet Ready™ equips brides-to-be with beauty education through carefully selected products that immerse them in prepping, pampering and cultivating beauty and wellness skills to last a lifetime.


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Details Matter!
Prepping a curated beauty regimen is crucial for the perfect wedding day glow.


Uncomplicated and right to her door!  No more hustling from one store to the next for products that may or may not work!


Stress-free and flawless.  Because of your guidance, she can walk down the aisle loving HER look!

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Why we love our Rock Stars...

She’s got the rock, now make her the star!

  1. She’s a professional and her time is extremely valuable
  2. Wedding planning can add a few wrinkles and maybe even grey hairs
  3. Wellness always takes a backseat
  4. Life-saving products make prepping go smoothly
  5. Taking the guesswork out can save a ton of money

As her honest and trusted advisor, it’s time to put her first!

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