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Prepping for the Wedding Day

Staggering your beauty and health prep is essential for a stress-free experience.  Enjoy this curated way to glow your best on your Wedding Day!

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White Carpet Ready equips brides-to-be with beauty education through carefully selected products that immerse them in prepping, pampering and cultivating beauty and wellness skills to last a lifetime. We provide luxury products in a thoughtfully curated monthly subscription box, along with access to an exclusive online community. Subscribers will enjoy their journey to White Carpet Ready, establish brand awareness and loyalty with products that we stand behind. Our goal is to empower our subscribers to manifest a lifestyle of self-care, pampering, and making time for themselves, even after their wedding.


White Carpet Ready is a team of wedding-industry professionals with a multi-faceted range of skills and experience. Our beauty expertise is rooted in years of bridal hair styling and makeup application, with a background in cosmetology and a keen sense of what brides need as they prepare themselves for their wedding day. Our team also specializes in branding, graphic design, marketing, and business development, to ensure consistency and professional communication regarding our brand partners. We are driven by education, loyalty, and a sophisticated approach to luxury products.

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